20 Months

I seriously cannot believe Gavin is 20 months old (as of the 11th). 20. months. This kid is so entertaining and happy. Some fun little things about Gav:
- he can hold a great conversation... mind you, only he knows the topic, but man, it is adorable. just points and gabbers away...
- is learning his colors and is dang good 
- refuses to say the number 'one' but joyously says 'two', 'three', 'seven', and 'eight'
- some of other words he can say- meow, hi, bye-bye, moo, night-night, mama, dada, james, jack-jack, baby, papa, bunny, puppy, tree, plus others we cannot think of right now :)
- a shadow to his older brother, and a lover to his younger brother
- we still feel very honored when we receive a kiss from this one- they are given sparingly, though more often now than before
- he knows almost all body parts. my favorite- heart, "bump bump"
- as much as he loves and clings to me, he sure loooooves his daddy. when brad is home at night and on the weekends, gav gets as much love from him as possible
- would be perfectly happy to be outside 24/7
- has (kind of) learned to jump. cutest. thing. EVER. he runs and hops high on one foot. hilarious
- loves a good sword fight. will 'wound' himself to fall on the floor
- on that note, loves to fake fall
- new talent: kicking his legs out from under him on bed/couch and falling on his bum/back.
As you can see, Gavin is quite the character and we love just watching him. He is a joy to everyone- James loves having a play buddy and Jack lights up when Gavin is near him. He is our happy guy and we are all so grateful for him in our family. 


  1. He is so stinking cute! All of your boys look alike, but they all have their own look too. His smile is contagious! I had to laugh because when you said he loves a good sword fight, I thought, MAN boys are SO different than girls! Brinley has never everrrr mentioned anything about swords! hahahhaa I've watched my 5 yr old nephew, and he makes everything be a gun or sword. It is so interesting!

  2. I challenge Gavin to a duel!

  3. He is darling. I saw him at Wal-mart with Brad and he said "Hi" to me! Made my day. He needs to come over and play with Kate.

  4. Gav melts my heart...he just does. :)

    Hopefully this will show up on your site!