My Day

My birthday:

- Jack slept through the night... the second time in his little life he has done this
- sunshine. sunshine. sunshine.
- spending lots of time playing with James and Gav this morning. We are awesome builders
- Jack actually took both of his naps today. Awesome kid
- minimal fighting
- Gavin ate multiple chicken nuggets for dinner. He hates meat. This was big
- had Indian food. De-lish
- my husband brought home calla lilies for me. swoon
- the kids were awesome and adorable for the majority of the day
- talking to my mom with no interruptions. I love talking to her
- wore shorts. YAY
- my sweet sister made me a yummy trifle cake
- got awesome gifts (pans, Les Miserables movie, mixing bowls, cute shoes, mula for future pampering)
- plain and simple: so blessed to have my little family around me
Can't really beat that kind of day


  1. Glad you had a happy birthday! :) The boys are adorable, as always!

  2. Sounds like th day couldn't have gone any better! That is so great!!! It seems like Brinley always knows when it is a special day, she is never her good girl self on birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day....calla lilies are the best!!

  3. Hooray! That sounds like a wonderful day. I like calla lilies too.