More Snow NOW??

Almost two months ago, we had a snow day. I had hoped we would have another before spring, but alas, we did not. In my opinion, snow should not be a part of our lives the minute it hits March. I have lived where it will still be on the ground as late as April and May and I do not like it. Well, we got a surprise Wednesday morning when we had a surprise snow storm- there was like 4 inches outside!!! The whole city was in shut down (though Brad still went to work- boo). Our day quickly became a stay-at-home-no-errands day. As soon as the boys and I were ready, and Jack down for his nap, we headed outside. I could not believe how much snow there was! 

James loved being outside in the snow and running in it. Gavin... not so much. We don't really have shoes for him for this kind of weather so he had a hard time getting around. Once he found the shallower snow he was happier. 
Another surprise was the damage it did to all the trees- there were three big branches broken just on our little street. All over the city, trees were obliterated by the snow- so sad. 
Here is a video from the first snow day from this storm. We quickly came in after it ended... you'll see why. Let's just say big brothers help build character...
Once inside, the boys enjoyed a movie and some hot chocolate to warm them up.
Usually the snow melts the day it comes here... not this storm. The high was 39 (not bad, but not Oregon!!). So we enjoyed another, though much milder, snow day today. We built a snowman and just enjoyed ourselves till our clothes were soaked. 

I can't wait till the snow is melted tomorrow (better be). This reaffirms that I really don't care for snow. I'm not completely opposed to living somewhere where this is the normal winter...but it is definitely a major drawback for those places for me. I'll take the rain


  1. Love the video of the boys! They both looked so cute throwing snowballs! Such cuties.
    Amazing how many branches snapped! I do not miss snow!

  2. That's the good thing about the northwest, if u do get snow it doesn't last long. But everything shuts down. U guys didn't get any of the icestorm last month, right? Snowmaggedon :) that was crazy. I love the pic of Gavin hugging the snowman, cute!

  3. Your boys are so cute! We're having spring weather here in Rexburg, our grass is turning green!!
    by the way... no hair cut pictures??

  4. Hahaha! Hilarious video! Gotta love older siblings but in our house, it is the middle child helping to build the character :)

  5. looks to warn for a Rexburg winter