Snow Day

We had a SNOW day (more like morning...) here about two and a half weeks ago. I totally forgot I took pictures of James and Gavin having fun, so here is the belated post about it :) Ironically enough I am writing this while it is 55 and beautiful outside. Such crazy weather for this winter...

We woke up to snow and I figured if I could get Jack down for a little nap and bundle the boys up, we'd go outside and enjoy it before it melted. One thing I love about snow in Oregon- it melts the day of. I miss Rexburg, but I do NOT miss snowy winters. Once Jack went down, we got all geared up and headed outside. They were beyond excited. Gavin had never been in it before and James hasn't been in it since we lived in Rexburg and he was almost one (he hated it, but what baby doesn't). I kinda hope it snows again to let them play in it some more!
And here is a short little video of them walking around in the snow. FYI- pretty sure what James is talking about is The Polar Express


  1. Cutest boys! :) And btw, love your new blog design! I was reading your little blips on top about you all. I LOVE hearing/reading the Brad and Amy story! I don't know why it makes me so happy but it does! Maybe because I remember it all from the first time around and how happy I was that you were happy! And even happier when I met Brad for the first time and liked him and decided he was good enough for my Amy! :) I so wish we lived closer! Maybe someday....

  2. I love the snow pics...and the video! I couldn't help but laugh when Gav said 'hi' and waved. It's like he doesn't know how to say 'hi' any more without waving! SO cute! :)

  3. this is adoreable. your boys are so fun!