246 Felt Circles Later...

Last weekend, I made something. Oooo I was so excited! Saturday night we rented a (lame) movie, which we completely mocked and enjoyed, while I sat on the floor tracing and cutting 133 felt circles. For what? For my felt wreath! 

I found this felt heart wreath tutorial via pinterest (fyi- pinterest is my BFF when it comes to finding crafts and food. l-o-v-e it) and knew I had to make it. Unfortunately we have lame-o craft stores around here so finding the heart wreath form was basically impossible. While on my search, though, I came to realize I didn't really want to make another seasonal wreath (hi, $$$. don't have much of you). Why not just make a year round one? So I got a round wreath form instead (and wouldn't you know- they had the heart ones in stock just to tempt me on my decision) and found this tutorial. Back to Saturday night, I got half of the wreath completed and ran out of circles.
Sunday we had to stay home from church because all three boys had colds. Poor things. While home, I decided why not trace and cut some more- 113 to be exact. So I did and it went much faster. That night I finished the wreath and was oh so happy! What I really liked about making this was how you didn't have to be a perfectionist... at least, I wasn't! Here is the basically finished project:

I am still trying to decide if I should spice it up a bit- flower? a "W"? white ribbon? Something else will probably happen, but for now, this will certainly do.


  1. Cute! That must not be your white front door because I know mine isn't that pretty color. :)

  2. Doing it!!!!

    It looks sooooo amazing!!!!

  3. I love it! My neighbor did a red one for valentines day and it looked like a bunch of rose petals in a wreath. way to be crafty!

  4. Good job! I just love Pinterest! :)

  5. Cute! I was going to make one of those too sometime. You did a good job! I vote white ribbon.