Daddy-Daughter Dates

Bad news: our camera battery charger is lost somewhere in our house still. I have no idea where I put it and I am ususally SO on top of knowing where it is. Sad. But my sister found a charger at WalMart in CA so hopefully soon we will be back to having our camera on a regular basis. Since I like to blog with pictures (a lovely OCD trait of mine) and I have no real recent ones, I figured I could post on something I meant to post. But what? I looked through some pictures and found something to blog about- daddy-daughter dates.
My dad with the two boys before Jack was born
On my 16th birthday, my dad came home from work with a dozen red roses. Just for me :) He then took me out on my first date. I was so excited to have my dad as my first date and get special time with him. At this time, he was also Bishop of our ward so it seemed extra special to have time just for me. We went to Red Lobster and had an awesome time. I will always remember that special day/night and am so grateful my dad did took me out for my first date.

Few years later...

As most of you know, when we were pregnant with Gavin we had to live with my parents before grad school began. Right before Gavin was born, I asked my dad if we could do one last daddy-daughter date before I had two kids and who knew when we could do it again. This time, we went out for dessert. There is a Ghirardelli factory/store near their house, so of course we went there!
They have these amazing sundaes that I was all too eager to try. 
I love my dad. He has always been a great example to me, making sure us girls knew how guys are supposed to treat us. He always worked hard for our family and instilled in us the importance of the gospel in our lives. I wish we lived closer so my kids could gobble him and my mom up (and vice versa)... and because I miss them all to much :) I love seeing my kids love my parents. Hopefully it won't be too long till we see my dad (my mom is coming up NEXT WEEK for my sis's bday)! 
after looking at my pictures, i am seriously realizing i need to take more pictures- and maybe get in a few with people other than my kids... the last picture i have with just my dad is from 2007 when i was recovering from being seriously sick... so it will NOT be on here!


  1. You do have the best dad! I love him so much, and am so grateful for him. I am so glad I chose wisely! :)

  2. I want to see that mysterious picture.... Oh well. :)
    I wish my dad had done things like that with me, and am so glad my husband plans on doing things like that with his girls (all 3 of them!) You have a very special relationship with your dad, make sure you never let it go!! :)

  3. i don't think he ever smiles with his teeth. it's like he doesn't know how.

  4. Your dad is pretty rockin'!! I'll never forget his face when he heard about the gorilla costume! ;) A dad is invaluable to a daughter and her sense of self. She needs to learn very important lessons about respect - that's daddy's job!! You also hit the jackpot with the hubs! You've heard the saying that you marry someone like your dad, and it's true!! Brad reminds me a lot of Pat!! You hit the jackpot 9 times my friend!! Mom, Dad, Sam, Craig, Rachel, Brad, James, Gavin and Jack!! Ten if you count me! ;-)