3 Months

Baby Jack turned 3 months old yesterday. I didn't think time would go by as fast/faster with this little guy, but it really has! It still feels like I just barely had him. Though his life is pretty chill, here are some highlights about Jack-Jack:
 - bath time is fun time and splash time. i had to buy 3 different baths to get just the right one (which ended up being the same exact one we had chucked when gav was done with it- it was a hand-me-down that was getting nasty)
- loves to smile and is HAPPY. oh man, he can smile it up! love love love it
- already a chatterbox
- is a super cuddler
- still isn't sleeping in a crib :( both boys adapted fairly easy and fast to their crib and/or bassinet, but not this guy. naps are in a swing and nighttime is in a sit-up/cuddle chair until feeding. then it's mommy-jack sleeping time! i love baby cuddles, but i look forward to him being in his own bed for good
- is starting to like his brothers and tolerate them more. yay! 
- has been in 6 months clothes since he was 2 months old. yeah... bit of a chunk on our hands
- his hair is blonde some days, reddish others
- already showing he has super blue eyes. hopefully they stick around because they are gorgeous
- such a little bouncer

We are just loving soaking up our little guy. James cannot stay out of his face with all his love. Gavin enjoys him lots, too. I think he is curious as to why he doesn't answer his "hi's"... give it time, Gav :) I have a feeling the rest of his first year is going to fly by!
This morning Gavin went up to Jack to sit next to him and just play with him. Cutest. Thing. Ever. He was saying "hi", holding his hand, just being next to him, and gave him a kiss when he got up. I love my boys


  1. Cute Cute! You have many handsome men in your life. sorry everyone's been sick. We hope to play with you soon!

  2. So sweet. :) My two older girls barely pay attention to Pepper most of the time, but they do love her and ask about her when she's not in the same room as us. Having three is fun, huh? So much love going around!!

  3. Oh my cuteness! I love my grandboys! They are so adorable! Jack is looking more and more like Gav to me, though I do see some of James in him also. Regardless of who he looks like he is super cute! Love him!
    And I love that Gav loves him...already being a good big brother! :)

  4. Chloe had the same sleeping problem! Makes for one tired momma. Isn't it fun watching your second be both the little bro and big bro at the same time? Gav is sure a cutie! Well, all three are just adorable!

  5. cute blog update!!! I love it! And happy 3 months little Jack!
    ps. we need to get together real soon!

  6. did you mention that he's also a self-mutilator because i think the scars kind of speak for themselves. also that second picture of him makes him look like he has a crazy amount of hair, which he totally does, just not that normal looking. i'll overlook it for now BUT if you try to pass your kids off as normal, be warned: everyone will know. also the header looks adorable. good jorb!

  7. I love the first picture. He looks so surprised!