Family Photos, Part II

Now for the indoor photos! We wanted them inside so we could do some for baby Jack's baby pics and get some extra ones of us as a family. So glad we did! If you missed the other family photos, go check them out.


  1. THESE PICTURES ARE AH-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, all caps was necessary!!)

    I LOVE that you are a mama to 3 boys. So special. My sister in law has 3 boys too and I definitely believe it takes a special mom to raise boys. You are so fabulous, Amy. Seriously. You guys rock.

    Love the color quality of the pictures too. What a talented photographer!

  2. I love the indoor photos! So great! I wish we had pretty, squishy bedding for something like that. :) Maybe someday.... Great job!!

  3. Love them! You are such a great person! Love you friend!

  4. Looks comfy. I think Gavin stole this shoot! I love your new blog header.

  5. new blog layout = super cute!

    i love the pics, and the people in them, but you know all of that already! ;)