Rockin' the Bangs (... i hope)

For years I avoided having bangs. Like since the 5th grade. My hair in that area did this weird... wave... thing. It was just weird. So I avoided them- duh, who wouldn't. I didn't start using a straightener till after I graduated from high school- but I still avoided the bangs like they were the plague. A few years later, I went with the swoop. Loved the swoop. That was as far as I would ever ever go. Then in Rexburg almost two years ago (has it really been that long??? that is kind of sad...) I went to a stylist that totally pumped me to go the distance. You know what- I loved the bangs. Holy cow, they sure were a lot easier with a straightener (and knowing what the heck I was doing with my hair, unlike my 5th grade self). But I'm lazy. And always let my bangs grow out. So I basically stopped getting them. 

I've been trying to figure out what to do with my hair because I've been super bored with it and I thought, Hey, why not commit to the bangs? C'mon! Not that hard, right? So I found a stylist in Eugene and showed them a picture of who was inspiring me in the bang department. I came out with wussy bangs that still swooped over. Blah. That was in April. Gave me time to think- did I really want them? Yes. So after further research, found another salon that rocks and is well priced and got the bangs again today! I'm super happy and totally going to keep them longer than a month or so. Especially since they do free bang trim- heck yes! There is seriously something so refreshing about getting your hair done and loving it. And with the way I'm feeling these days (sore, fat, etc) I needed the boost. Yay!!
In baby news, we are now into the 29th week. Which means we've got 10ish weeks till we hold this little guy!
and apparently i was in a goofy face mood tonight because here are some extra shots for giggles...


  1. You are ROCKING the bangs! I love it! 10ish weeks?? HOLY COW! I need to get your shower going!

  2. You're beautiful! You can rock ANY look!!!! Love the bangs!

  3. You look adorable...your cute little pregnant self! No one else can pull off having two kids 14 months apart and look as cute as you do! :)

  4. I love the bangs! You always look cute though. I also love the picture wall. Wish I was creative like that. :)

  5. LOVE.

    I love the picture wall too!!!

    And that baby belly!!??? Adorable! 29 weeks??????????? Your pregnancy FLEW by!

  6. I have been struggling with that same issue! Bangs or no bangs! Your hair looks very cute. Maybe I will commit. . . We'll see. :)