Our One-Year Old!

Gavin is ONE today! My oh my, has this year floooooown by (for the most part). We love this little guy. It has been just great watching him grow and learn. And so much more will happen this year! Some things about the one-year old:
- he is a walker. has been walking for about 2 1/2 weeks now. took his first steps on father's day and then took his time to fully commit :)
- still a chatter-box 
- loves, and i mean LOVES, food. his dislike list is quite short
- already climbing stairs
- has 6 teeth
- since learning to walk, the outdoors is where he wants to be
- loooooves books. as in, destroy them. pretty funny
- absolutely adores his big brother. james and gavin will just start laughing at each other over nothing. it's basically the best thing ever.
- very, very happy. but can also be quite the opposite. this kid can scream. but we'll still keep him :)
The birthday boy was a pretty happy guy today. We all mostly just hung out, did some grocery shopping, and enjoyed being with each other. It was the best. I just couldn't help thinking back to last year, how I was just soaking up our new little newborn. Was that really a year ago? I'm so grateful for him in our family. He is a huge bright spot and fits perfectly. 

To celebrate, we had cupcakes! To make it a little special, I made them half blue, half white. Aaannd I swirled blue and white frosting. Not the best frosting job, but the colors look pretty awesome.  
Here are some videos of Mr. Gavin. The first one is the cupcake attack- he was reaaalllly good at taking it down. The second one is just Gavin being Gavin.
Happy birthday, Gavin. We love you!


  1. He has a new title, "cupcake devourer"! Seriously, he is growing up so much and is adorable! :)
    I love him.

  2. What cutie pie! I wish we lived closer so I could come over and visit! :) He really took out that cupcake, did he have practice?

  3. so adorable. seriously i love those videos. you should post more! it's times like these i wish i still lived with you.

  4. I love the cup cake eating video. So cute. I can't believe how much he liked it.