The Birthday Girl

Mom and me
Today is my mom's birthday!

I love my mom.
I am so lucky to have her as an example in my life.
She is one of my best friends, always ready to listen to me (which is every day).
She always has the best advice for me, whether I want it or not (i usually do).
Meeting Gavin
I feel so blessed that she was able to stay at home with us kids growing up. One of the best, yet simple memories of growing up is coming home from school on a rainy day and having freshly baked banana bread waiting for us to devour :)
She has supported me through so much in my life. I can't begin to explain how much she has been there for me.
She loves all of us kids, kids-in-law, and especially the grand-kiddies.
Happy birthday, mama. We love you!


  1. I miss your mama. Great lady. Happy birthday, Sandy!

  2. Thanks Amy...you totally made me cry. Of course!

    Kim, I miss you too! Thank you for the sweet wishes.

  3. Awww...you're such a good daughter. Your momma done raised you well ;)

  4. dude that picture of James looks just like Gavin. i totally thought it was him for a minute. such cute kids. and such a great momma!