Party for Gavin!

Yesterday was Gavin's birthday party! The theme: primary colors. I didn't really like any other themes I was coming up with/seeing, so I figured a color scheme would be super easy. And it was! We love easy :) 

We invited some good friends over
decorated the night before (which is good, since it took Brad 3 hours to do the streamer job- such a good daddy)
had some yummy, sugary, somewhat healthy food
ate cupcakes (with homemade frosting that would not set up sooooo don't judge the frosting job)
the one-year old "blew out" the candle again
and devoured a cupcake again
and a big brother wore himself right out
The boys loved loved loved having their friends over and we are so grateful we were able to share his birthday celebration with everyone. Here's to many, many more birthdays and parties for our little guys!


  1. What a cute idea! That streamer job....HOLY COW! Pin that pic to pinterest!!!

    Look at you and that adorable belly with James sleeping next to you!!! This year has FLOWN by!! I can't believe Gavin is 1!

  2. Aww...you used the cupcake stand! Looks like it was a fun party. I love the picture of Brad blowing out the candle-so sweet!

  3. very cute. PS: why is your blog so wide?

    also i am judging you for your cupcakes. the frosting didn't set up? fail for mom! i'll give you the inside of the cake though, that turned out great.

  4. Fun! Cool cupcakes and awesome streamers.

  5. What a cute big boy! BTW, last week we were at my parents in St. George and we went and ate at In&Out. I thought of you the whole time, wishing I could send you some! :)