Oregon Coast

This time last year (literally, a year ago today) we moved to Eugene. I can't believe we've been here for a whole year!! Another thing I can't believe is... today we went to the coast for the first time. Boy, I feel silly it's taken us this long. But let's admit it- been a crazy year for us!

We headed out late this morning to Florence, OR. We wanted to get lunch first, but since we had a big breakfast we decided to walk along the boardwalk and then around the downtown shops for a bit. Lucky for us a little otter (pretty sure it was an otter...) decided to grace us with his presence while he ate some fish and swam! James loved seeing him and was sad when the otter had to go play with his friends.
James loved this wooden bear and wanted to give it a hug
After walking around for a while, we headed over to Mo's, a place we've been told by several friends to try. It was good! I don't like clam chowder... I want to, but I just don't like it. Every once in a while, I'll try some to see if I still dislike it. Lo and behold, this stuff was good. I ate my whole cup... and took a picture for those who wouldn't believe me: 
And we took some fun pictures as well:
Brad got fish and chips, I got fish tacos (yum, yum, YUM). Once all our bellies were full, we headed to a beach about 5 miles away. This was Gavin's first time to a beach, and it's been a while since James has been. Let's just say, they loved it. Gavin couldn't stop laughing at falling in the sand for a while, the little cutie. I thought James would be more scared of the water, but we had a hard time keeping him out of it. We had this long stretch of beach for him to run, and run he did. I stopped walking after him, realizing I'd have to walk back and that would be no bueno for my body right now. 
And that was our little day trip to the coast! I'm hoping to find more beaches and maybe more of a beach beach next time. It's been way too long since we've been to the ocean and we want to go back lots.


  1. looks like you guys had an awesome day! thanks for the video it was so cute. they look like they had fun. and i'm just going to say this one more time, James looks so tan. it's crazy.

  2. what a fun day! i am so happy you finally got to go! the beach looks really pretty too. i want to see it in person!