Parks (etc) Fun

Now to get back to our ol' boring lives (though Mr. Baby will make more post appearances, no worries) :)

The summer can't seem to decide if it wants to be warm or cool, and is just being both. With that, we are trying to take advantage of being outside when we can. Though this is hard when you have a 2 1/2 year old who runs away all too easy and all too fast. So when we can go places with daddy or friends, we are there!

One adventure: the park. What a fun day for the boys! Gavin loved the swing, as did James. He was giggling like a fool.
Another adventure: a fruit stand. Well, it was more than just a stand. I don't know quite what to call it- a fruit barn farm? That works. We went with a group of friends and were able to see a koi pond (with the BIGGEST koi fish i have ever seen!), goats, horses, and play on a playground. The goats were in the coolest enclosure ever- they had a skywalk (i kind of made that word up...)! For a quarter, you got a handful of feed for the goats. James didn't really want them to touch him so he threw it at them. I don't blame him... I wouldn't get that close to them either :) 
the skywalk! neat, right?
I have faith the summer will permanently heat up! Or at least have more warm days than it's been having. And we will continue to have lots of fun!


  1. LOVE the pics of the boys on the swings! I can almost hear them laughing! :)

  2. i like that James is holding his horse as he watches the goats. can't get too far from that thing.