Harry and I

I met Harry when I was a sophomore in high school. I fell in love... fell in love with his world. When I started the Harry Potter series, only the first three books were out. Thankfully my friend, Ashley, had the first two books. We bought the third and then lent it to her and her family. It was a Potter-swap :) From then on, you better believe we were at all the midnight book releases, waiting in line, ready to start the new Potter adventure. I love these characters, I feel like I've lived in their world (wouldn't that just be the awesomest? it really would). I know it's kind of lame to be so attached to a series of books, but you feel like you watched them grow up. Or even that you grew up with them. In 2007, the last book was released. I was so excited, yet so sad. You better believe when I finished that book, tears were shed. It was an end of an era.
the final book!
But there were still the movies! I have to think of the movies and the books as different things or I get too nit-picky. I enjoy the movies and when the series ended, it was nice to still look forward to more Potter events. Alas, that has now also come to an end. I didn't think Brad and I would be able to go see it anytime soon because of the kids and finding someone to watch them. Surprises of surprises, my friend Ashley (yes, the very same one from high school- she lives in eugene! crazy, right? different story), texted me on Friday saying they could watch the boys if we wanted to get tickets to see Harry Potter. Um, YEAH!! We got tickets for last night (so the boys were sleeping) and you better believe I was suuuuuper giddy!
The movie was awe-some. Really. Yes, there were very small things that weren't like the book but I forced myself to ignore them and just enjoy it all. All I will say specifically about the movie is:

- Molly Weasley- you rock
- Neville- you did not disappoint and were awesome
- Ron and Hermione- job well done. you know what i mean ;)

And yes, I cried during the movie. Twice. I also teared up once, but it was on a kind of random part and so I'm chalking that up to nostalgia + pregnancy = emotional. I wanted to get pictures of us before the movie, but the theater was already kind of dark... so they are kind of creepy pictures of us... our expressions didn't help either...
Farewell, Potter and friends. I will continue to reread your books and live in your world. Maybe someday we'll meet again.


  1. love your random pictures.and i realized something. Harry Potter's Seventh and final book came out in 2007. Gilmore girls seventh and final season ended in 2007. weird, right?

  2. I for sure thought I wouldn't see it either. Nothing like sitting through a 2 hour movie being 9 months pregnant and not wanted to get up and pee. It was great and sad to see it all come to an end. I can't wait for the next book/movie series to get attached to. Wait- uh twilight.

  3. It is sad times isn't it?! It's weird when I see kids in the youth in our ward who have the same feelings about "growing up" with Harry Potter. I think, "you're too young!! I grew up with them!" Then I remind myself, when a series spans 10 years, there's going to be lots of love from lots of people. So glad you got to see it!

  4. And lets be honest...Ginny Weasley makes one weird looking adult and Harry could totally do better...like me. *cough* (oh married...nm) But at least I don't feel like a pedophile anymore with my mad crush on Potter because he is legally ok to crush on now.

  5. And I feel special for having made it on your blog post! ^.^