Almost There


This week has been loooooooong and tiring. Why? We (last minute) decided to MOVE! Of COURSE we did, because we are WE and are crazy. A duplex across the street from our old apartment was available so we decided to take it. We figured we would be spending a tad more a month on rent, but it would totally be worth it. Our last place... well... we had a love/hate relationship. Mostly dislike, though. Then we read through our contract/lease to make sure we could move out with no penalties (yes, we could) and found out to stay at our apartment would actually cost us more than the place we are moving to. Pat us on the shoulder, we are just that awesome. 

We started moving Tuesday and we are still moving. Though we are soooo close to being done. Tomorrow it should (rephrase: better be) over. To say I am sick of the process is an understatement. You'd think moving across the street would be a whole lot less stress (it isn't). And I'll add, being pregnant and taking care of the two kids and being in between two places- I'm basically exhausted. I'm such a wuss. Oh well :)

On other 'almost there' notes...

- I am 27 weeks. Folks, this is the third trimester. When did this happen??? 

- We are officially counting down to a one-year old birthday. 13 days!! Aaanndd I'm not going to be a lame mom like I was for James' and Gav is going to have a birthday party! It's going to be awe-some. 


  1. You will feel so good once you get all moved in, but the process is tedious. We have moved across the street a couple times and it is still moving only you don't have the satisfaction of the stuff staying in the box for more than a few days. You think "I just packed this box yesterday and now I am unpacking it again.." Plus you have half of your life in one place and half in the other...you think where are those "shoes, or shirt or blanket is it at the new place or the old place..." WOW super long comment, I feel your pain! :D

  2. Well glad you're almost there! Take it easy after today! Glad you're able to find a better place. Can't wait to see picture from Gavin's birthday party - what theme are you doing?

  3. you are so cute, seriously! its fun to move and reorganize but stressful too. you will be happy soon. and so crazy your little boy is almost one! time flies!

  4. At least when your pregnant your more motivated to get things done. that is at least how I felt.

  5. i'm gunna go ahead and just pat you on the back instead of the shoulder, k. and i'm gunna be glad/sad that i wasn't there to help this time 'round. last time still haunts my nightmares...