We're Baaaa-aaaack!

Last night... wait, wait... correction: early this morning we pulled our car in front of our apartment here in Oregon. We are back. From a wonderfully long/extended vacation. It's good to be back, but mostly it's not. We both hate living so far from family. Things I already miss:

- family. duh
- talking to adults more than children
- a yard
- my sister's clothes (i miss her more than her clothes, but she is boxed up in 'family')
- carpet. we have fake-wood laminate flooring. i want carpet back
- a nicer place to live :)
- family. yes, this is so missed it gets two 

There is probably more, but within the 14-hours I have been home these are the things most missed thus far. Ah well, such is life. Could be lots worse than a 9-hour drive (because we've been much further than that). So get ready for a slew (or more like a few) vacation posts! I bet you can hardly wait to see them. 

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