Horse Of Course

We have an obsession that just won't go away: horses. James loooooves horses. We're not sure how this obsession became so strong, but it's here and it is staying.

This boy was in heaven this past week because his Grampa Jim (Brad's dad) has horses. Five to be exact (which is a low number for him). He's something of a cowboy in our eyes. We first went over without Brad and got to see and pet the horses. James was beyond excited. He kept saying, "Papa's horse". 
Once Brad was here, we made a trip out to their house again. We weren't able to ride, but he got to be up close and personal again. 
Next time, he got to ride. Lucky boy. He was so excited. Brad would tell the horse, "Good boy" and pat him on the neck. So, of course, James would copy him. He would switch between saying "Good boy", horse noises, and yee-haw. Cowboy in training, I tell ya.  
Our good-bye visit, he got to go riding again. Like I said, lucky boy. He just absolutely loves being around the horses... and unfortunately has no fear of them. I love that my little guy has no fear, but at the same time he freaks me out. Horses aren't really the animals you want them walking freely around. We all had to keep an eye on him for sure. 
With this awesome experience under his belt, this horse obsession is here to stay. Now we just need to get him a hat and some boots to make him legit.


  1. He was so in horse heaven! He looks adorable up on the horse, as does Gav. How I miss those boys!

  2. Fun!!! You should of snapped a family pic and called it your Christmas card. Beautiful scenery!!

  3. whoa! who took those amazing pictures of you and gavin at the beginning. she should probably be a profesh photog. (like my slang). also i miss you and that relates to your last post. my clothes miss you too, pinky promise.

  4. I have a pair of hot pink cowboy boots just his size but I'm sure you're probably looking for more of a bolder color ;)

  5. How cute!! Watch out, he'll be asking for a horse for Christmas!