Bit of This, Bit of That

To make posting about our vacation a tad easier on myself and not write a bajillion different things, here are a few random highlights from the trip. May be long, so I understand if you get bored :)
James loves to be outside. It was so nice having a yard again and letting him play in front or out back. I would have pictures of Gavin outside, but he isn't quite as in love with the great outdoors as big brother. Still doesn't like grass (almost instantly cries when put down on it), doesn't really like sitting on a blanket on grass, and just wants to crawl on the pavement/cement. Call me crazy, but I don't think that is the best surface for a baby's legs. So our outdoor-doings were mostly done during nap time. 
The day after Brad came we went to the park a few blocks away from my parent's house. This is also the park where Brad proposed (in the trees pictured below). Good memories :)
Now here are some pictures of Gavin. This kid is a food hog. We discovered he loves the cream filling in Oreos... then we accidentally discovered he likes all of the Oreo. James was eating his cookie and took the top part off and Gavin quickly snatched it up and shoved it in his mouth. Made for quite the laugh and quite the mess. 
can you tell he loved it?
Then on a really hot day we went to Ripon (where I grew up) to their splash park to cool off. Needless to say there were lots of kids there and James was a little intimidated. He was one of the few little guys. But with Daddy and Aunt Rach, he was able to enjoy it a bit. 

Gavin didn't want to be in the water at all.
What was a hit for James was the sprinkler attachment for the hose in the backyard. We would twist the hose so the water would stop coming and he would count, "2...1...3!!!" (yeah, his counting to 3 is a bit off) and we'd let it SHOOT out in his face and he'd run away laughing.
Well, I think that is enough randomness for now. Sure is a lot to write about when you have fun for almost 3-weeks!


  1. Cute pics!!! That grass is so green! Our grass is dead. DEAD. YOur little boys are so adorable and I loved the pic of James with his sunglasses! Brinley still thinks they are indestructible. sooo good thing they were only $3. Won't be depressed when (WHEN) she breaks them!!

  2. How fun! Guess what?! The cute swim trunks Gavin is wearing, they are the same ones Carter had last summer. Way too small for him now. (Tear, tear)

  3. Wow, 3 weeks at home how nice. I was just bragging to my friends out here about the spray park in Ripon. We are sad they don't have them out here.