Lazy Much

If you haven't noticed, I've gotten a tad lazy with my blogging. And here is my awesome and totally valid reason: we're on vacation. Oh yeah! We are having lots of fun... doing not too much :) My wonderful mom came up a week and a half ago to Oregon for a few days so she could take me and the boys down with her and escape finals week. I hate finals/midterms week(s). Hardly seeing my husband becomes excessive, taking care of kids 24/7 by myself, alone... I don't like it. So why not go hang with some awesome family members? It turned out really great for both Brad and I (though we missed each other like crazy). I got to keep my sanity and Brad could study study study. This last Friday Brad was done with finals and drove the 9-hours south to join us and we are just loooooving having him around. We have no real idea when our vacation is going to end and we are just enjoying the sunshine and family. Hopefully I'll get out of my laziness and post a little something about our vay-cay thus far. Hopefully.

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  1. I miss you. :( Lame I know. Don't stay too long... I need my walking buddy back! haha