Scrunchiness is Happiness

These are picutres of James at 10 months. He started doing what we called "The Bitter Beer Face". And these are the best ones we have of them because he moved so much, but you get the idea. He would go around with his face all scrunched up, and breathing heavily through his nose. Was hilarious. And he would always laugh after he did it. Such a little cutie.
These are pictures of Gavin. He has developed his own scrunch face. And it is the just so cute because he just smiles and laughs while he is doing it- his own little way of showing how happy and excited he is.  He was sick all weekend with a fever so this was some definite much needed happy time on Sunday morning. He was doing it so much, we were able to catch it on video!
Unfortunately, by night time he was back to this:
He is almost back to his normal self, but not quite. But we can't wait to have our scrunch face back and happy.


  1. HOPEFULLY soon. he's such a cutie. especially when he makes the scrunch face. love it.

  2. What cuties! I saw a shirt one day that said "I am a muscle man" and it totally reminded me of James :) Love the scrunch face. Poor little guy. Being sick is no fun