Who Doesn't Love Some Pink?

Guess who is having a giveaway on her blog? Guess who has themed her blog ALL pink (and it's adorable) for this giveaway? Guess who is doing it all for an awesome cause?...

Not me. I'm not that cool. But my sister is! She is helping out one of our dear friends with raising money for her walk in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For the Cure walk. Rach is dedicating this whole week to pink and raising awareness on breast cancer. She has some pretty interesting facts on there, too. 

Rach is having a giveaway for a super cute necklace, earrings (of course), and a broach. Of course you want to enter, right??? The easiest way to enter is to be a follower and leave a comment. Simple. Or blog about it (like moi). But the bestest best way: every dollar you donate to the cause you get an extra entry. Also, if you buy some uber cute pink earrings from her etsy shop, every dollar is donated to the cause. I call this awesomeness. 

I know we are all struggling. It's hard to find a few extra dollars to donate to something like this. But I think it is safe to say all of us has known someone who has been affected by breast cancer- whether a relative or a friend. My best friend's mom was a breast cancer survivor. She was one of the most amazing people I know. When we moved away, we heard her cancer had come back. During our senior year she passed away. That is too young to lose your mother. In my mind, this cure- this is for you, Mrs. Ho. 

So if you can, please give to this cause. Someday we'll get the cure :)

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  1. You so tugged at my heart strings mentioning Claudia. I hope they can find a cure so that no one has to suffer the way their family has.