From Last Weekend

Sooooo I realized I didn't put anything on here about last holiday weekend. Well, about what we did and what not. 

The weekend started on Friday, when we had an Easter egg hunt at a friend's house across the street. James had so much fun being with all his little buddies and finding eggs. He did a lot better than last year! And daddy was able to be with us for the hunt, so it was extra special.
Saturday was beautiful. Oh man. I l-o-v-e the sun! We took our little family on a walk and then came home and got blankets to sit on the grass near our apartment. Gav isn't the biggest fan of grass but enjoyed being on the blanket and James looooooved running around to his heart's content. Gotta soak up the sun when you can around here. 
Sunday, of course, was Easter. We went to church (and got there on time! 9am meeting time, folks. this was good!) and enjoyed the talks (what we caught of them). Best part: we got invited over to one of our friend's house for dinner. Which was great because I totally spaced it on planning Easter dinner (i blame it on my birthday distraction). We came home and went on another walk because the sun was shining for 10 minutes and we had to take advantage of it! Then we headed off for our amazing meal at the Christiansen's. They are so sweet and we are so grateful for them sharing this holiday with us. And we love talking to them :) They have 3 kids, the youngest being James' age. Their kids just love ours and play with them and it is nice and relaxing. Our Easter was just perfect. 

Of course, I didn't realize I had completely forgotten to take pictures of the boys and Gavin's first Easter till after they went to bed. Ah well. I made Brad take one of Gavin sleeping on me because he conked out out of nowhere. Sleeping babies- priceless.
  Don't judge how awful I look


  1. such cute pics! i miss them, and of course you and brad-ly!

  2. Gavin is looking too grown up! You're not the only one who didn't plan Easter dinner, I forgot too. :)

  3. your kids are hecca cute. and you are too. i wish i was there with you guys, i miss the little rugrats alot. and i even miss oregon though i've only been there twice. i shall come visit, promise.