We had a special treat tonight in our household: platanos fritos. Aka fried plantains. Brad served his mission in Guatemala and when you ask him his favorite thing he ate there, he will quickly reply, "Plantains." We've been wanting to do this for a while, but have never really noticed plantains in the grocery store. Till now. Yes! 

A couple months ago we bought some nice, green platanos from WinCo. Looked online for a recipe... uuhhh... they are supposed to be waaaaaaay riper than green to fry. Oops. So we waited for them to ripen. And waited. And waited. They weren't turning color at all! Then Brad checked them and they had a bit of mold. Blech. He threw them out. Turns out, since they take so long to ripen from the green stage, all you have to do is wipe the mold off and let them keep going. Again- oops. 

A few weeks ago I had Brad run to the grocery store (not WinCo), and what does he come home with? Platanos... nice and yellow. Much better than green. So we brown bagged them and waited for the black stage. Which was tonight. Perfect timing, seeing as how it is Cinco de Mayo and all. Brad heated up the skillet, got some oil going, sliced the plantains, and fried them up. Once done, he sprinkled them with sugar (you can do salt, too). They were pretty good. Brad loved having them and we are definitely doing this again. 


  1. i still want to try this sometime. that and mufango.

  2. That's a new fun Cinco de Mayo tradition for your family! We will have to try that...someday!

  3. Yep...the mold would've got me too. lol....hope things are going good. :)

  4. As I'm sure Brad remembers, Tate served in Guatemala too. We LOOOOVE platanos! We like to slice them into coins, pan fry them in just a little oil to brown both sides, then dip them in warm, freshly blended to make smooth, black beans. Oh. My. Gosh. SOOOO good!

    I definitely want to try some your way soon too. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....snack time yet?

  5. Not sure I could deal with the mold, but the end result looks delish!