Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day. It truly is a celebration not just for those of us that are current mother's, but for all women: mothers, mothers-to-be, daughters, sisters, wives, aunts, mothers-in-their-own-way, etc. 
I love my boys. I love being their mommy. Even if it is frustrating at times. The good definitely outweigh the not so good. 
I love my husband. For making me a mommy. For loving me despite all my faults and craziness. He is too good.
I love my mother. She truly is an amazing woman and I am who I am today because of her. I am truly blessed to be her daughter. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you awesome ladies


  1. I cant believe how big your boys are getting! They are so cute. I hope to have lots of boys. Happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. Your boys are so cute and you are a wonderful mother! Hope you had a happy day!

  3. I love your post and I LOVE being your mom. Thank you for the kind words...and for being such a great mommy and daughter.