9 months

As of yesterday, Mr. Gavin is 9 months old. And he is just so much fun to be around. Here are some 9 month old fun-bits of Gav:
- looooooooves to chatter. all. the. time. it is hilarious
- is eating food, but is a bit stubborn on the whole, "oh i have to chew my food?". he'll do it, but not consistently. little stinker
- is 100% crawling- and forwards! at about 7 months he started moving around (oh so awkwardly). sort of in between army and the worm crawl. then it transitioned even more into crawling... but backwards. now he is going the right direction and loving it. and getting super fast
- loves balls. the best one to watch him with is our big blue ball. he'll just sit there with it and attack it with his mouth. and it's huge compared to him
- is a certified momma's boy. eesh
- a water bug just like his big brother. bath time is happy time in our house
- laughs super easy. he's so so ticklish, it's great
- a definite snuggler. love his loves
- has definitely found his flirt gene. his brother has taught him well :)
There you  have it! He is such a delight and we are loving watching him learn and grow. This is definitely one of my favorite stages. Now just 3 more months and we've got a one-year old...


  1. he is so flippin cute. seriously i love that kid. i want to come visit. :(

  2. I love his chatter-box ways! He is always telling stories! And his smile...to die for! Love him!

  3. my, how i love his cuteness and talkativeness! he is a chatterer!