The Big 30

Sunday was Brad's 30th birthday. Woooow. I got me an old man (toooootal joke). I was going to write this  on the day of his birth, but the birthday boy hijacked the computer to look at REI for hours. And that is okay. Because it was his day. And I like REI, too.

The day was nice and simple. After church we relaxed and hung out with the boys. Then Brad got full-parent duty while I cooked his meal. You know the way to a man's heart is his stomach so that is exactly what I did. I am grateful to report I didn't disappoint (yay!). Dinner menu: sweet pulled pork (cafe rio style), cilantro lime rice, Cuban-style black beans, cilantro ranch dressing and fresh tortillas (from Costco- i'm not that awesome). It. Was. Goooood.
We then, of course, went on a walk. We love our walks. Came home, got boys ready for bed, talked to different family members, put boys down, and enjoyed birthday cake. Angel food cake with strawberries, ice cream, and whipped cream.
Again, delish. Gifts included mula, REI giftcard, REI membership, and a tent to be purchased this week from Costco. He got on the laptop to see how to use his newfound REI giftcard and we watched the Survivor season finale (go, boston rob!). Verdict from the bday boy: a perfect day. Mission accomplished!


  1. Happy 3-0 to Brad! Such a great way to celebrate a wonderful guy.

  2. dude, is he eating a turkey leg in that first pic? dad totally wanted to get one while we were at disneyland but i kept badmouthing them. but in the end i told him to get one and he didn't want it. haha. anywya, random story. happy birthday b-rad.

  3. Happy Birthday to the old man! Way to save the birthday dessert until after the boys are in bed, smart move! :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your Man, REI is a good store to get lost in :)