Slightly Obsessed Friday

You know what I am just loving right now?

Thermal pajamas

I have been dying to have a pair (or more, let's be honest) for a while now, but just couldn't pay the price for the ones I was looking at. Black Friday rolled around and I found some at Old Navy that were a bit more plain but still adorable- and affordable. But the line was crazy crazy crazy and I was not up for it. Sad day for me, but hopefully I would find some in the holiday season. Nope. So... I went to Old Navy a week or two ago and there they were. Still cute. And... even more on sale than at Black Friday. I got a pair. I may have even gone back this past week and gotten yet another set of them... maybe. 

Can I just tell you they are oh so comfortable? And that every night I try to get in my pj's as early as possible? 


  1. i love thermals. they make me feel A) like a kid and B) comfortable. can't get enough. me and mom saw them on sale the other day but i was already buying some other stuff so i had to say no. :(

  2. Ahhh! Chris got me some thermals from Victoria's Secret for my bday and I LOVE them.

    P.s. I am GLAD that you commented on my blog because it lead me to yours! I have this rule that I make myself comment on any blog that I read. Sometimes I feel awkward because I may not exactly know the person. But I totally know you and love catching up on your precious family!

  3. Amy, I miss you! Your babies are darling!