Scene: Boys went down on time tonight. Yes (except not a 'yes' but an 'oh poor baby' for the 2-year old who has a fever/cold and went down at 6:45)! Pop in movie. Snuggle. Movie over. Ugh. Dishes need to be done. But do they? Yeeeaaaahhh. Otherwise it's going to be done in the chaos of our morning. Scrub (two) plates clean and put on counter to put in sink later since dishwasher doesn't have room for them. Turn around. CRASH
Wha...? Yeah, the Corelle plates fell off the counter. One of them was perfectly intact. The other one... not so much. More like in a bajillion different pieces across the floor and in my foot. Still stings a little, a little blood- nothing that bad. But I was already down one plate, so now... I have 6 plates. Boo. I guess they are only shatter resistant, not shatter proof


  1. dude. who knew corelle would do that. so not cool. sorry :(

  2. oh sad! hopefully we can get the plates i gave to aunt sue, then you will have 10! :)