I Love HIM

I love his squinched-up grin and giggles
I love how he laughs at almost anything
I love how he still does 'Muscle Man' (which he's done since he was 8 months old)
I love when he wants you to go with him he says "hand" and takes your hand
I love it when he is really sleepy, he plays and plays and plays with his hair- or someone else's
I love his hugs and how he'll give them endlessly
I love his kisses
I love that he has learned when the camera is on him, to say "cheese"
I love how excited he is when Brad comes home from school
I love how just plain adorable he is. Seriously, too cute for words
I love when he holds my hand on walks
I love our special moments
I love his snuggles
I love story-time
I love him


  1. he is pretty awesome. love that little guy.

  2. That middle picture is hilarious!!! He is adorable. Kids are the best.