Slightly Obsessed Friday

Nail polish. Can't live without it- seriously. I hate it when I'm not able to have nail polish on my nails. 

It's been in the last few years it's been a must in my life. I mostly blame The Hills (that's right- my guilty pleasure show. until lauren left. boo kristin). Lauren always had some on and it just seemed to add something. It just spices up your life! 

At first, I only really liked black... then hot red... then hot pink... I'm open to almost anything right now (budget permitting- hence my small collection). This last week I was sporting this duo
black with sparkles. Yes please. Complaint: sparkles don't come off so easily. But it looks dang good. 
This is what will rock my nails this week... because, let's be honest, does it really last more than a week? Maybe if you can pay for the good stuff. Which I cannot. Love the student life.

and i'm guest posting on my sister's site, i heart... today! be sure to check it


  1. i agree about the sparkles. they're dang hard to remove. and i could never have nail polish last more than a week. i'd get super bored. super easy.

  2. This really makes me want to paint my fingernails. haha. I always have my toenails painted, but now I want my fingernails painted. :)

  3. Your post on your sister's blog was cute! :D I never paint my nails I always paint my toenails. It's easier and that way my left hand is hardly involved, which leaves the ending result with much less clean up work. :D You are talented!