Let's Go On Vacation

I want to go on a trip. A fun trip. We love seeing family and everything, but we haven't done something for just us in a loooong time... and I want to. So bad. But darn it, Brad has this pesky little thing called grad school so who knows when we'll get one. So in the meantime, I shall dream. Of what? Of here: 
These are pictures from my trip back in May 2007 with my mom and sister. So. Much. Fun. I have wanted to go with Brad so bad. I was saving up to go this past year as a graduation present. Well, I got pregnant. So that plan got nixed. Maybe for his next graduation present? I'm counting on it :) 
Billy Hill and the Hillbillies- hilarious music act with great food

 Best corndog EVER

 Buzz Lightyear ride
 C3PO from Star Tours
 California Screamin' and Tower of Terror (which I opted out of)
Hunington Beach, where my madre grew up. Lucky girl
 Lego R2D2 getting love 
Lego Vader and me in a pirate hat. 
 Mickey Cookie. Scrumptious
  Mom and I at Thunder Mountain
Rach and Mom
What a wonderful trip. I really can't wait to go there as a family. And to do a girl's trip again :) In the meantime, I will enjoy the amazing weather we are having here in Oregon and continue to dream.


  1. this makes me want to go visit kimberly in florida!! i haven't been to disneyland since high school graduation trip. which, honestly, feels like yesterday but really has been a loooong time. ok. I am feeling old now. bye, bye!

  2. we will go sister, we will. i love the pics, they bring backk good (and ugly) memories. i miss you...have i told you that lately, cuz i really do.

  3. I was so jealous of that trip! I want to just drop everything and just go now... Actually let's wait until this summer and I will show you how to surf!