I am bored. More specifically, with my blog. Even more specifically, with the look of my blog. I am seriously trying to do something fun/cute/me with the new design stuff on here, but I'm having some issues. Or whatever you want to call it- creative block *sigh* Anyone have any tips or sites they go to? I'm not looking for pre-made backgrounds... just like HTML shortcuts, or ideas, or something. I'll just keep fiddling around, trying to get something I like... And I am hoping to be posting more often. I feel like I've stopped sharing a lot of stuff and I want to get back to that- being open and what not :) adieu for now


  1. IF you go to my craft blog: http://craftymommydiva.blogspot.com/
    Then to left sidebar where it says BLOG HELP - there's some ideas for you.

    OR check out different things you can do here: http://www.ablogtobragabout.com/2009/09/overview.html

    Let me know what you want to do and I can probably help you do it.

    A lot of people like Leelou Blogs or Cutest Blog on the Block

  2. Love the picture of our boys in matching jammies...no blog can be boring with that! :)