Bubba and Bugaboo

I didn't think/plan on having random nicknames for my kids. Not really the nickname type of person (besides the obvious shortening of a name). But guess what. Apparently I am. I realized when James was two-months old that I was regularly calling him 'Bubba'. I don't even know for how long it had been going on for- I was just doing it. When we were expecting Gavin, I thought- Am I going to call him Bubba too? I really don't want to- that's James. Lo and behold, the name that randomly came out of my mouth (and stuck) for Gav was Bugaboo. Wha...? Yup. There it is. Two random nicknames for my boys. 

With that being said, I thought I'd share some rather cute pictures of 'Bubba' and 'Bugaboo'. 
Bubba- riding his 'horse' of blocks
With all three Mickey's- traditional, Jedi, and Sorceror
 He is obsessed with our new fleece blanket. And rightly so- sooooo soft 
 And I'm kind of obsessed with him in it. Simply precious


  1. Love our little "bubba" and "bugaboo"! So funny how we find nicknames and they stick...'squirrel'! ;)

  2. I totally know what you mean! We started calling Brooklyn "Biz-rooklyn" and then just "Biz" and now she is always Biz. It's weird how that stuff happens.