i heart paperjayne

Let me introduce you to my bestie: Miss Rachel- aka The Sister. I love this girl. And not just because I have to.

Well, little miss Rach has claimed for years that she has not one bone of creativity inclination or talent in her. Ha. She has had to eat her words because she opened up an Etsy shop (Paperjayne) not too long ago where she creates button earrings. And let me tell you, they are adorable. I bought a few the other day (and got some sisterly extras as well) and I have absolutely loved wearing them. Both of my kids love to stare at the cute earrings- but no grabbing for them! I haven't worn cute earrings in a long time because they were always yanked on. Problem solved with adorable button-post earrings. Aaaahhh... a mom loves feeling cute :)
Head on over to her shop to grab a pair (or two or three...) of your own. And since you know her sister, enter VALENTINES and receive an extra 20% off. Holl-ah! You should also check out her adorable blog- i heart... (hence my post title). You'll fall in love with her too :)


  1. thanks sister. ps: love the pics. very artsy. ;)

  2. also the new coupon code is VALENTINES and it's 20% off. sorry about the lack of 5% but hopefully it's not too big of a difference.