Rather Sudden Update

So funny story...

My mom called me this morning, kind of laughing. Her and my sister have been organizing closets and what did she find in our old closet... the mystery kitchen box! I couldn't believe it. I have known this box has been missing since we got here and the minute {well, few days later} I blog about it, it shows up! Fantastic... seriously, fantastic! So here is how I think it went down...

I remember seeing this kitchen box in our storage unit. My mom had a bunch of bins full of fabric and quilting stuff that she put in our unit to make room for us to stay with them. These bins went on top of our box {ok, so maybe I should clarify that my "missing" box was actually a see-through bin}bin of kitchen supplies. So here are all these bins in a nice little stack. Well, when Brad was taking the bins back to my parent's house to get ready to move, he must have assumed this clear bin on the very bottom was also quilting things {even though it was see-through and you could see kitchen things... but we had just had a baby and he was rushing to get things moved so I can understand this oversight...} :) Ta-da. Box/bin found. I am rather excited and glad I hadn't boughten too much to replace things. And I remembered I was also missing my apple slicer and my favorite cheese grater. I cannot wait to get all this back after Christmas! 


  1. That's awesome!!! Sometimes when you least expect it or give up and embrace that it's gone, it get found!!! I would have been sad missing some of those things.