The Mystery Kitchen Box

Brad and I have moved a total of 9 times since being married. I am {or more like was} very proud that minimal things were lost in aaaaalllll that bustle. Until now. 

When we were all moved up here and settled, I started noticing things. Things that were supposed to be in my kitchen but weren't- strange.  And not until I needed an item would I notice they were missing- frustrating. The list kept growing. That is when it dawned on me that all of these things were in a particular box that I had lovingly packed back in December. Yes- lovingly packed because this was the majority of some awesome essentials {and non-essentials, but still loved}. Here is what I am pining for {that I can remember}:
 Can opener. One has been purchased since missing discovery
Set of silverware. Thank heavens we have a second set
Baking cooling rack
Garlic press
Rolling Pin- not fun to discover with fresh pizza dough ready to be rolled
IKEA cutting boards
 IKEA Toddler-ware plus tableware- we have a few of these left
 Two cute aprons- one from Valentine's Day {my fave holiday} and one from my sis... but it was hilarious. She got it at the BYU Bookstore for when they released Breaking Dawn- the Cullen's Blood Drive. Oh, it made me laugh
Like I said, we had to buy a can opener- no way to live without one. We also have gotten a cutting board {though not as good of a deal as  IKEA} and I am holding out on the others... 
Mystery Kitchen box, I miss you!


  1. So sad! Any idea where it is??? We got rid of so much stuff during all of our moves (5 in one year!) that I don't even remember some of the stuff I used to have!
    I hope you figure out where everything is!

  2. BOO! We have also moved quite a bunch as you guys. 5 moves for us in 2.5 years. That is...disgusting. Lets hope we stay for at least a couple years!!!

    Going to Ikea is on the top of my list when I get back to my parents for the holidays. #1 reason, to get my Ikea fix. and #2 reason, to get the awesome kids dishware!! We have the bowls and cups, but I want the silverware and plates. SO awesome!!!

    Good luck!

  3. christine- we have NO idea where it could have gone to. we know everything got in the truck to california, but after that... it'll probably never be found which is a-okay. i'll get new stuff :)

    meagan- yuck on moves, right? we are planning a trip to portland so we can go to IKEA. i HAVE to replace what i lost from there- it just too awesome not to. plus pick up some extra things, of course :)

  4. We have been in our house for 5 months and I am still opening boxes and saying oh this is in here. Or why did I pack a box with only this. Good luck. I am pretty sure that box will turn up after you have purchased everything that was missing.