3 Months!

Gavin is 3 months old as of yesterday! Time has flooooown by with this guy! He is such a great baby and we just love having him around. It is definitely different with the second baby- how much one-on-one time you get with the baby, noticing things better/differently, comparing to first {in good ways}, not as many pictures {thanks to a certain older brother}. Here are some tidbits about little Gavin:
- he doesn't mind tummy time {too much}. Sometimes that is how we get him to calm down or even fall asleep
- enjoys watching James, buuut... doesn't like him in his face. Which is more often than not :)
- he is a happy baby. So so so happy, it's awesome. He smiles all the time.
- has the cutest little giggle. Learned the other night he thoroughly enjoys zerbets on the tummy
- enjoys his hands more than his pacifier
- not the biggest fan of being propped up to sit or being in his bumbo... but we'll keep trying
- loves his bath. He is almost splashing
- hardly ever spits up- it's great, but kind of odd... i'll take it though!
Just a few things about him! He is getting so big so fast. I just absolutely love him and love seeing us all together as a family.


  1. he's definitely starting to look less and less like james... to me at least. though he still is quite handsome. :)

  2. He is a keeper! That is for sure! Such a sweet guy...

  3. I love him!!! He looks like such a super cute kid! and wayyy smiley!!! I love that!

    You are so lucky he isn't super spitty up-y. Brin was no stop it felt like.

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  5. He does look like such a happy baby! How nice he doesn't spit up much! Can't believe he's already 3 months old. Fun!

  6. awww....he is so big. he looks sooo different then i remember him...doesn't look like james at all i don't think. soooo cute!

  7. I agree with Rachel. He looks less like James and exactly like Brad. Which mean James looks more like you. Very cute though.

  8. I can't believe that he is already 3 months old! He is a cutie! I wish y'all were going to be in California for Thanksgiving. I hope we get to see you soon.