Mostly Successful Sewing

Ta-da- I finished a sewing project... All. By. My. Self. Boo-yah {well, there was a skype call to my mom to help me thread the silly bobbin}. I seriously feel so awesome- kinda lame, I know. But feeling of awesomeness still prevails :)

I have been wanting for a while now to actually do something other than the rag quilts I can so easily do. Before moving to Oregon, I was able to buy my aunt's barely used Janome machine. But then I didn't know where to start or what projects would be easy enough for me. My friend, Meagan, has been posting a bunch of her sewing projects and has totally inspired me to get with the program and start sewing. A while ago, she showed a garbage bag holder that she had made. Um, genius much? That very morning I had thrown all my garbage bags out on our kitchen floor in frustration with the room they were occupying underneath our sink. I went here for the tutorial and was finally able to do it this past Wednesday. Many mistakes were made, there was a short trip to Wal-Mart involved, but it is done. And most mistakes hidden  
Next up... making another one for my madre for Christmas! 



    So PROUD! I need some more energy to get more projects done. It is amazing how tired you can get from just simple sewing projects! I want to start quilting...much more relaxing!

  2. I am so proud of you! Good job hon! :)

  3. Aprons are easy and good presents. I used my own apron for a pattern and then instead of sewing the ties I used a thicker stronger ribbon. Seriously easy because its all straight stitches. The garbage bag holder looks great though.