California Fun

So what did the three of us do on our trip to California? I'll tell ya... {with lots and lots of pics}
There was some cookie decorating going on
Bike riding
Being a lion
Couldn't get enough of the outside {really, James couldn't}
While others chilled...
...but not always
Some quality time with a special aunt
And crashing on mommy after a bad night
Typical goofiness
and, of course, Grandparent lovin'


  1. How fun! You can tell James loves his auntie Rachel!

  2. So cute! YOur sis looks so much like you! And giiiiirl you look great after having a baby not that long ago! Go girl!! Miss you guys!

  3. it might be a problem that i'm hanging out with this boy so much...sorry about that one (gun click and eye wink)