Blessing Trip

Two weeks ago our little family took a plane-ride south to bless our baby Gavin. Due to crazy scheduling with family, we decided it would be easier to have us come to California- so we did :) It was Gavin's first plane ride and he did awesome:
Slept the whole way, bless his heart
That Sunday, the 17th, we blessed Gavin in my parent's ward. It was wonderful- we got to have so much more family and friends participate in this special event than if we had done it in Oregon {because it would have been zero}. It was a beautiful blessing and Gavin slept through the whole thing. We then headed on over to my parentals house for some delicious food:
Spent some fun time with family, especially little cousins:
And then, of course, comes all the wonderful photos with the star of the day: 
We are missing a picture with Brad's family because it was not taken on my camera for some reason :(
Brad had to go back to school the next morning {like 4am in the morning, eesh}, but I got to stay an extra week. Lots of fun was had in California {besides my yucky cold I got}. Will post more soon!


  1. Glad you guys had a good time (besides the cold!) Wish we could have been there. Gavin looks so much like Brad! Is he a lot bigger than James at this age? Cute family picture....got to love a toddler who is absolutely thrilled to have his picture taken ha ha! We sure do miss baby James!

  2. Glad he did well on the plane and that you were able to be with so much family for his blessing.

  3. Gavin is so cute. You have such cute boys. They remind me of boy versions of my girls. No joke my Sophia looked just like Gavin at that age. Hair thinning on top and thicker on the sides and then James with his blond hair. Cute, cute, cute.