Mount Rainier

Last week, Brad was able to go up to Washington and climb Mount Rainier. His brother, Neil, did it last year and planned on doing it again this year. Brad, of course, wanted to join in the adventurous fun. So last week, we planned a trip for Brad where he went to Oregon for some house/apartment hunting, followed by a short trip to Washington to do Rainier, back down to Oregon for more hunting, then on home to California. Poor guy was pretty exhausted by the end of it, but it was well worth it. 

Brad was able to go with Neil, his cousin Johnny, Neil's father-in-law and brother-in-law, and a few extra friends. The first day is a hike up to Camp Muir, which is at about 10,000 feet (base is at 5,000ish I believe). Next day they started off for the summit, which is at 14,411 feet. Unfortunately, some had to head back when they reached 11,000 feet but Brad, Neil, and a buddy were able to keep going. They made great time and were able to summit at about 11:30ish that day. Crazy thing was Brad did the majority of it in his t-shirt because it was so warm! 
Brad in front of Rainier
Happy Hiker
Neil and Johnny
Maybe Mt. Hood...
Mt. St. Helen (thanks, Sherrie)
Trekking along
Brad, Neil, Johnny, Ken 
Does it get much prettier?
Roped and ready to go
One of many crevasses (I tried to keep my mind off them ALL DAY)
Scary and beautiful
Another beautiful kill-hole


  1. Good for him!!! I always dreamed of climbing Rainier. Everyday I drove to work when I worked in Seattle, I would see Mt. Rainier...(sigh). I love Seattle. I miss it!!

  2. glad neil and brad were able to summit. glad brad took some awesome pictures, i'll have to post some of neil's video from the trip. (by the way the mountain in question is mt. st. helens) you guys will have to go up to rainier once you move.

  3. Amazing. I can't believe all the snow still up there. The pacific northwest is beautiful. I am thinking that will be our next stop.

  4. meagan- you should come back and visit the pacific NW :)

    sherrie- i definitely need to go see rainier... not hike it, but see it!

    katie- i think that is a splendid idea!