Baby Shower!

Last week my sister-in-law (Brad's one and only sister), Julie, was in town. Since she was here, her, another sister-in-law (Amy), and my mother-in-law (Chris) threw me a small baby shower. I really didn't expect anything with this pregnancy since it's my second boy, so I'm very grateful for them doing this for us. We kept it simple with family and a few friends. We had amazing food (white chocolate popcorn drizzled with milk chocolate, yummy fruit and dip, cookies, and an ice cream sandwich cake) and played a fun candy bar memory game. Then it was time for presents :) Thanks to everyone who came, it meant a lot and I loved seeing all of you there. 

Now... I would of taken pictures but my camera had gotten stolen that week... by my husband :) He was gone for 6 days (gag me) apartment hunting for us in Oregon and hiking Mt. Rainier up in Washington (pictures of that to come). Busy boy. Since he was doing all that, of course he won camera privileges. But once he came home I snatched it back! I took some pictures of the gifts we got so I could at least show them. Though after I put everything away and pictures were taken, I found one or two gifts that James had grabbed and put somewhere else. Oops! 
It was fun celebrating our second little guy

I need to brag a little- Amy made the adorable blanket and burp clothes on the right. Crocheted the border and everything. Julie made the can't-live-without hoodie towel- too cute, right?

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