Heat Induced Snip

I am not a fan of the heat. I can handle 80s-upper 90s, but 100+... no thanks. We finally got some triple digit weather last week and I did not like it. When the heat hits, all of a sudden my hair feels like it is 20x heavier and just needs to go. I always try to fight the urge to chop it all off (which I have learned from and will never get it short-short again), because it would defeat the purpose I've been having for who knows how long to let my hair grow out. I never last the summer in California. Luckily for me, last summer I spent in Idaho where it was blissfully below 100 the whole summer and I have given my hair a chance to grow long (for me). So I didn't feel so bad when I decided a few days ago that I was taking off at least 2-3 inches- it had to go. Yesterday I went to the salon, got it done, and I feel awesome... and cool (as in weather cool) :)
I heart it :)


  1. Way cute! Your stylist was so good... much better than mine! ;)

  2. Super cute!!! I love you with some bangs. Very classy.

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  4. I seriously thought those bottom two pictures were Rachel... crazy.

  5. ...come back to Idaho. Oh, ya, Super Cute!!!