Life As We Know It

I feel like an "official" update is needed for our little family :)

- We think we have a real date for Mr. Chip's appearance: August 11th. Wahoo! I can't even imagine making it all the way. Let's see if he cooks the full time... :) I am now 32 weeks so with this date we only have 7 more weeks from today! We do have some names picked out, though we're kind of keeping it a secret. 

- James is doing great. He is learning and growing so much. He says lots of words (not all clear, but we know what he means) and can do about 10 animal sounds. He also shakes hands, high fives, "stones", and so much more. So stinkin' cute. 
- Our summer has been a little odd this year... as in hardly hot at all, which is so not common! I am not complaining, I tell you what. But the weather is starting to get more normal so the heat is coming. We have spent a few days in the kiddie pool and James loves it. Yesterday Daddy introduced him to the sprinkler-hose... with his clothes on. Hilarious. He loved it so much he had a crying fit for about 15 minutes after we took him inside. The terrible twos have started...
- Brad was able to go on a beautiful two-day hike in Yosemite a few weeks ago. He originally was going to do Half-Dome, but with this weather the cables haven't even been put up yet. And that is just plain suicide then. But Yosemite has so much to offer, it was no problem finding something else to do.
- Brad and I got new rain jackets at REI. Why is this news? Because it tells you where we're headed, sillies: University of Oregon! We are way excited and it is only 8-9 hours away from home. Much better than the 12-14 hours Idaho was :) 

- With grad school finally approaching, we have Plans A, B, and C being formed right now for our moving time frame. Brad will have to take a 3-week math course before school starts (which is the end of September). So he'll have to move up there without me since I'll have just given birth. I'm (sort of) tough, but not that tough :) We just don't know when it will be or how long he'll be there without me. So "fun". 

That's about it for now. We're hoping to do a few one-day vacations here this summer before we move and before baby comes. Can't wait to get started on all the adventures headed our way!


  1. Just a {little} jealous that you'll only be about 3 hours away from my home!! Congrats and good luck, and enjoy the weather!!

  2. James is so cute and you look super cute too! Oregon may be closer to your parents but hey, Idaho was closer to me! ;) Wonder how far away you'll be from me now....I'll have to figure it out!

  3. it is so crazy to see James becoming a toddler! he is so adorable! and im glad you guys are getting your plans figured out, and that they include oregon :D

  4. You look adorable! We sure miss you around here. I'm so excited for you:) ps- I'm not sure how you found my old blog (I didn't even tell my family about it...), but I decided it needed some updating- only to realize that I have no idea which email address I used or the password to get in it. Oh the joys of life...

  5. those jackets will definitely come handy once you're in oregon :)