Family Date Night

To get dates in, I sort of cheat. I know dates (as a married couple with child/ren) is defined as leaving the child/ren behind... but sometimes, that just isn't going to work. So I cheat and say we are having a Family Date Night! Makes doing things together more fun anyways. We had such a night this past Friday.
We started off the evening trying to get this
at the nearest redbox... not successful... so we tried another one and got it!

Then we headed over to get some of the best Mexican food. I am so going to miss having good, authentic Mexican food at our fingertips.
We got it to go and went back home. I made a fantastic quesadilla for James so he could enjoy his own (Americanized) Mexican food, and we shared some of ours with him as well (because we're that awesome). 
We debated starting the movie with James up, but since he hadn't had a bath and it was only about an hour or so before his bedtime, we opted to wait for the little guy to be in his bed to start it. Then us parentals enjoyed some alone time while watching Sherlock Holmes
I loved our family date night :)


  1. I would say about 95% of our "dates" consist of us watching a movie together and eating a treat after the kids go to bed. That's what happens when you don't know very many people in the area you live! :)

  2. You guys are cute. It looks a lot like our "dates" too. :) Hey...at least it's something!