Food is Happiness

Yes, I know I'm blogging like crazy. I said we had been up to a lot :)

After we got home from our trip to Yosemite, James got sick with a really bad fever. He didn't act sick that night, just felt super warm. The next morning, it was apparent that something was up. Almost all of Sunday and Monday he had a 104 fever and was so out of it. Scared me half to death! Luckily, that was the only symptom he had so we didn't need to take him to the doctor Poor guy... he is so energetic and was so lethargic. 
Tuesday he finally starting pulling out of it and by Friday we had our boy back just in time for the Easter weekend.
That being said... I thought it was high time for him to get his first Happy Meal. We eat out every now and then but we don't ever get James his own little meal. And isn't it just great after you are sick to have something fun? So we took James to McDonald's and got him his first little Happy Meal! 
 He was so cute with the fries- he knew to only take one at a time and to blow on them if they were too hot
 Doesn't look like McDonald's does it... because we took his meal over to In-n-Out next door to have our own happy meal!


  1. glad he's feeling better, scary! I usually get James a happy meal and share it with him =D since he just usually eats the fries -darn it.

  2. wish i could have been there for his first meal. apparently you're too impatient. jk. i want in n' out now.

  3. mmm...in n out. we just went there last week.

    can you believe audrey's had 3 high fevers so far and she's only 18 months old. she gets really high fevers too like 104ish. it's so scary, and there's really nothing you can do but hold and kiss them. glad he's ok.