Easter Weekend

I loved Easter weekend. Why? Here's why: 

General Conference + Easter + Family = Amazing.

We started off the weekend watching the morning session of Conference at my parent's house. Enoyed some ableskivers, so good. Then we headed out to Brad's parents house. We had a nice barbecue with most of the family and had a little Easter Egg hunt for the kids. James found one egg on his own- one! I was so proud... mostly because this kid can get so distracted, I didn't think he'd find any on his own. But he did :) And it was yellow. Grandpa Jim also taught him to ride a scooter while we were there- he did awesome :)
Then while the boys were at Priesthood, I headed home to go out to the new Red Robin in town with my girls. Seeing as how this is probably the last time in a long time I'll be around family for Conference, I took advantage of it. I forgot how much I love Red Robin. James thoroughly enjoyed some french fries while hanging with Aunt Rachel. And I forgot to get pictures of the rest of us...
Sunday found us at home. We watched the morning session, then had another egg hunt for James. Before our hunt, he emptied out the goodies we put in his basket for Easter. He immediately unwrapped the Cadburry Egg- he knows the good stuff :) So we shared it and he looooved it. He loved all of his basket :)
I was really grateful we were able to catch both sessions of Conference. I have truly come to love the two times of the year where we are able to hear from our Prophet, Apostles, and General Authority. It just fills my soul. I loved how Sunday (to me) was filled with topics on the family. 
After both sessions we had a delicious Easter dinner. Did I take a picture of it's wonderfulness? Why, of course not. I have gotten better at taking pictures of things, but did not get that. Oh well. It was good, trust me. Rest of the day just relaxed and enjoyed our time together. It was wonderful :)

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