Bigger News #2

We had our ultrasound this morning! We are happy to report ... 
 Cutest little profile
It's a Boy!!!
When we first found out we were pregnant, I thought it was a girl. Then I changed my mind to a boy and that stuck. Brad thought it was a boy from the beginning. So we were right again :)
I didn't get to watch the ultrasound until the tech had taken all the pictures for the doctor since the hospital was doing it, but Brad watched. Just a few moments into the ultrasound he looked at me and mouthed, "It's a boy". Then the tech asked if I wanted to know (I gave a resounding, "Heck yes!") and, as if Chip heard her ask, he then opened his knees and gave us the money shot :) It was awesome- but we didn't get a picture of that. Oh well... it was plain to see what he is.
Full face- eyes at left, hand on top
 We still can't figure out this picture...
Ok, we now think this is the boy parts shot- up top, pointing up
We are so so so excited!


  1. I'm here just to tell you that having a house full of boys is just amazing! I love it, wouldn't change it for anything! Congratulations, and welcome to the club! ;)

  2. How exciting! Any names picked out yet?

  3. Oh what friends they'll be! Couldn't ask for more than a bunch of boys!

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  5. Yay! Congratulations!! Name picked out yet???