Halfway- 20 Weeks

I really really cannot believe this pregnancy is already half over. Say what?! Everything is still going great. We got to meet my new doctor this past week- love her! Which makes me very happy :) I thought we were going to get another ultrasound, but this doctor's office is even more strict about the 20-week mark ultrasound than my last doctor, so it was a no go since I was a tad under. So now I have to schedule the ultrasound with the hospital. Then I will happily tell you if Chip is a boy or girl :)
This pregnancy is very similar, but also very different from James. 
-By this time in the pregnancy with James, my back was killing me. I had to get a back brace because I could hardly sit still for any length of time. This time, no back pain (yet). It feels so good. Which has made me realize how much I really did carry James in my back. 
-The rib pain is there just like last time- so someone is definitely growing. 
-I felt the baby move for the first time at 16 weeks, which surprised me. Chip is getting slightly more and more active every day. 
- I am definitely eating as much as I did with James-- I'm such a piglet! It is almost embarrassing... but not really :)
 Next week we should find out for sure what we are having... so tune in!


  1. I loooooove your belly. You are such a beautiful preggo lady! I can't wait to find out!!!!!!! I'm dying! Annnnnd I miss you :-(

  2. Ames... don't kid anyone! You ARE a piglet! ;) It is so funny when you ask everyone at dinner, "Did anyone else have seconds?" Eat away, hon!

    I love your little bump, but mostly who is in inside! :)

  3. i can't even believe your half way! i think mine is slowing down and you are now going to pass me :)

  4. You're so cute!! I love that shirt in the first and last picture! Looks great on you. I wish I could see you!!! :(

  5. your belly is DARling! congrats on reaching the halfway point! only 20 more to go!

  6. love the blue top and you putting up 2 - 0 with your fingers =D

  7. Super cute, you always take such fun pictures of yourself! I LOVE IT! Super creative. You're looking amazing, I just cannot believe you're already at 20 weeks!?!?! Seriously, can't wait to find out next week!! YAY!

  8. You look so cute. I miss you guys like crazy.